An appeal from the founders of Estonian World

Dear Reader,

Estonian World is now the largest and the most cosmopolitan Estonian media outlet published in English. It is read in 230 countries and territories, by Estonians and non-Estonians alike. We have become one of the most important information sources for those looking insights of the tech-savvy, forward-looking modern country. With 35,000 followers in the social media, we have also become the largest English platform that helps to keep the Estonian history, cultural identity and traditions alive around the world; and make it more well-known.

When we founded Estonian World, we didn’t do it for money. We did it because as young Estonian expats, working in London, we wanted more people in the world to know about how Estonians do things and what we are all about – our digital solutions, great culture, strong identity and traditions, and the beautiful country.

We have faced a choice over and over again whether to develop it into a for-profit platform with advertising banners or other services, but we decided to do something different – to focus on good quality, premium content and to keep Estonian World free of distracting ads. We’ve worked hard over four years to keep it lean and tight. And despite being completely volunteer-based, we have succeeded in fulfilling our mission to the extent that we have been able to offer new, original content on a weekly basis, read by over three million people around the world.

But we have now reached the point where we have to raise funding to continue running and developing Estonian World, in order to become sustainable and to take it to next level – to improve on what we have started; and to increase the content. We like to do our bit to make Estonia and Estonians more globally recognisable, so that every one of us could keep our head high in a wider world. We have a long list of ideas what we want to do – in many cases differently from the domestic Estonian media. But in order to do so, we need your support.

Please consider making a donation for the continuous improvement of our publication. Your donation aids us in many ways: funds help us increase and improve the content on the site and allow us to keep offering the original perspective, strong voice and aesthetic format that is Estonian World. Most importantly, you will help us make Estonian World a sustainable media outlet, which would be here to stay.

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Thank you very much in advance,

Estonian World team

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  • Alan Tallmeister

    Since I stumbled across the link to Estonian World on Facebook, Estonian World’s become my main source for staying informed, joining discussions on Estonia and making connections to other readers on this forum. Happy to help!

  • Eesti World blog rocks! At least 3 articles were published which I would not see anywhere otherwise.

  • Anna

    I have always been amazed by the excellent quality and stories this publication offers, truly the only such source about Estonia. Happy to support Estonian World!

  • Arthur Phelps

    Thank you.