Video: Learning in Silicon Valley – three Estonian entrepreneurs share their experience

Freelance journalist Ede Schank Tamkivi is looking around in Silicon Valley, right next to San Francisco, the place where many world famous companies and new technologies are born – and interviews three Estonian entrepreneurs.

It’s a well-known story how Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard and came to Silicon Valley to found his own company – Facebook. Steve Jobs, too, had dropped out of the university when he and his friends founded Apple – today the most highly valued company in the world.

Naturally, these are rather exceptions and coincidences, but to become successful today you need a lot more than good education.

Rainer Sternfeld, the founder of Marinexplore, knows that learning doesn’t end in school. Now, in a foreign environment dealing with the business of his company he has also learned that in America, to be successful, one has to praise oneself without shame.

Sten Dubin studied at the Draper University where studies last only seven weeks. He says that Draper isn’t an ordinary college; it helps one learn to overcome oneself and create a network to be successful in the future.

Steve Jürvetson, a venture capitalist with Estonian roots, believes that the education system is changing drastically. He invests his money into these changes and is prepared to support the studies of a young enterprising Estonian at the Draper University – be it on location or via an online course – with USD 5,000.

As an intro and outro you can hear a song called “Inside and Outside” by an Estonian singer-songwriter Marten Kuningas. It sends a message – one doesn’t have to be “inside” a school, one can also study on the “outside”. And to be successful in the world of technology, one doesn’t have to physically live in Silicon Valley.


The interviews in English are with Estonian subtitles and vice versa.

* The video was first published by TelePurk.

Cover photo: Steve Jurvetson boarding a jet. Courtesy of Steve Jurvetson.

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