Estonian World is a global independent online magazine, founded in London in 2012 and headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. The magazine has editorial representations in London, New York, Los Angeles and Tallinn, and contributors all over the world, on every continent.

Estonian World writes about cosmopolitan Estonians and their views, ideas, experiences and achievements around the world. We cover Estonia’s global stories in business, education, technology and the arts from a fair and balanced perspective, in a way that is accessible to Estonians and non-Estonians alike, thus serving as a global focal point for Estonians and those interested in the development of Estonia.

With over 40,000 followers in the social media, Estonian World is by far the most popular media outlet about Estonia and Estonians that is published in English.

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Estonian World Contributors


12540772_10153495949678049_3377083243699339506_nSilver Tambur is the cofounder and Editor-in-Chief of Estonian World. He studied journalism at Tartu University and politics and society at Birkbeck College. He has been editor at the ERR’s news service in English, as well as contributing for the Deutsche Welle, Radio New Zealand and Business Sense magazine. Contact Silver


Sten HankewitzSten Hankewitz is a journalist and Deputy Editor of Estonian World. Having lived in Estonia, Spain and the UK, he now resides in the US. He loves writing and besides blogging, he writes for EW and other media outlets. He has strong convictions and he shows them unashamedly. Contact Sten 


Helen Wright

Helen Wright is a freelance journalist, currently based in London, UK. She has written for Estonian World, ERR News, The Baltic Times and Deep Baltic. Previously she worked at local newspapers in the UK.


Patrik Maldre newPatrik Maldre heads the cyber defence initiative at the Center for European Policy Analysis in Washington. He holds a BA in philosophy and political science from the University of Illinois and an MA in international relations from the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI).


Edith SoosaarEdith Soosaar is a freelance journalist from Estonia who travels and writes about the world. After living in Spain, USA and UK, she is exploring the world full time for now. She has an obsession with books, gets excited about good food and can talk about real estate for hours.


merilin-sultsMerilin Šults has studied nature tourism management in Estonia, and arts and media management in London. She loves writing and is interested in culture, travelling and events. She currently lives in London that is a perfect place to find a variety of interesting people and amazing events to write about.


Evelin Tamm by Maarja UrbEvelin Tamm is an Estonian artist, activist and freelance journalist living in Sweden. She works on paintings, digital art, filming, poetry, women’s rights actions, collecting and sharing feminist history and stories, environmental thought, alternative education in practice and theory.


Andres SimonsonAndres Simonson is first generation American of Estonian descent. An enthusiastic estophile, he is an environmental consultant, holding a BA in environmental science and an MA in city and regional planning. He resides in Red Bank, NJ, with his wife and three daughters.


Katre LaanKatre Laan is Tallinn-based. She is curious as a cat and enjoys meeting new people. When she is not writing she will be in a yoga class or reading. She is not a fan of TV but is addicted to the Game of Thrones.


Stuart GarlickStuart Garlick is a Tallinn-based British journalist, cartoonist and English teacher, interested in music, fashion and culture. He set up his website, Charm Offensive, in order to showcase the exciting new cultural developments in Estonia. He has an MA in international politics from Aberystwyth University.


Reelika VirunurmReelika Virunurm spent four years in Germany, which she considers her second home. In Estonia, she works in communications, writes in her free time, and shows tourists how to eat blueberries in the forest. She tries to travel as much as possible and learn a new language whenever possible.


Adam Garrie is based in London and writes passionately about topics ranging from politics and history to art and music. He is currently engaged in various artistic business ventures.



1233598_10151782561608070_1767419190_nRegina Sirendi graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a MSc in Science and Technology studies. Regina is passionate about travelling, digital revolution and e-government. She currently lives in Tallinn, Estonia.


Kristjan LillemetsKris Lillemets is a Los Angeles-based tech consultant, author and freelance photographer. His passion is documenting interesting people in pictures and words, but mostly he just loves his Instagram.


Sander Saar is Estonian World’s cofounder and the outlet’s technical wizard. Los Angeles-based, Sander currently also works for Maker Studios Inc, a division of The Walt Disney Company.