Estonian World is a global independent online magazine, founded in London in 2012 and headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia. The magazine has editorial representations in London, Boston, Los Angeles and Tallinn, and contributors all over the world.

We aim to publicise Estonia’s and Estonians’ successes and success stories in a positive, encouraging manner, but we don’t neglect to write about the country’s and its peoples’ challenges and concerns.

We are a team of professional journalists whose greatest assets are integrity, honesty and sticking to the truth. Yes, we strive to be positive, but we don’t sugarcoat. Our professional ethics dictates objectivity above everything else. It is also the reason we’ve kept Estonian World ad-free.

With global contributors and over 60,000 followers in the social media – Facebook, TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn – we’ve become one of the most engaging English-language online publications about Estonia, read in more than 200 countries and territories.

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Estonian World Contributors

Silver Tambur is the Editor-in-Chief and cofounder of Estonian World. He studied journalism at the University of Tartu and politics at Birkbeck College, London. He has been editor at the ERR’s news service in English, as well as contributing for the Deutsche Welle and Radio New Zealand. Contact Silver

Sten Hankewitz is a journalist and the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Estonian World. Having lived in Estonia, Spain and the UK, he now resides in the US. He loves writing and besides blogging, he writes for EW and other media outlets. He has strong convictions and he shows them unashamedly. Contact Sten 

Reelika Virunurm spent four years in Germany, which she considers her second home. In Estonia, she works in communications, writes in her free time, and shows tourists how to eat blueberries in the forest. She tries to travel as much as possible and learn a new language whenever possible.

Kristina Lupp had a long career from Toronto to Florence to Adelaide, including an MA in gastronomy from Adelaide University. An Estonian-Canadian, she returned to Estonia in 2011. Apart from writing, she runs the Tallinn Supper Club, a pop-up restaurant in her apartment, and a B&B out of her farm.

Patrik Maldre heads the cyber defence initiative at the Center for European Policy Analysis in Washington. He holds a BA in philosophy and political science from the University of Illinois and an MA in international relations from the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI).

Andres Simonson is first generation American of Estonian descent. An enthusiastic estophile, he is an environmental consultant, holding a BA in environmental science and an MA in city and regional planning. He resides in Red Bank, NJ, with his wife and three daughters.

Ann Alari is a London-based Estonian journalist, translator and author. She is a member of the Foreign Press Association (London) and the Estonian Writers’ Union.

Drew Pittock

Drew Pittock is a freelance journalist from Los Angeles who enjoys writing about music, culture and plant-based cuisine. He currently lives in Beijing with his wife and cat.

Sander Saar is Estonian World’s cofounder and the outlet’s technical wizard. Los Angeles-based, Sander currently also works for Maker Studios Inc, a division of The Walt Disney Company.

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