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When we founded Estonian World, we didn’t do it for money. We did it because as young Estonian expats, working in London, we wanted more people in the world to know about how Estonians do things and what we are all about – our digital solutions, great culture, strong identity and traditions, and the beautiful country.

There were many others around the world who joined in and now, with over 50,000 followers in the social media, we’ve become the most engaging English-language online publication about Estonia, read in more than 200 countries and territories.

We aim to publicise stories from Estonia and about Estonians in a positive, encouraging manner, but we don’t neglect to write about the country’s and its peoples’ challenges and concerns.

We are a team of professional journalists whose greatest assets are integrity, honesty and sticking to the truth. Yes, we strive to be positive, but we don’t sugarcoat. Our professional ethics dictates objectivity above everything else. It is also the reason we’ve kept it ad-free.

But we can’t keep up our work without your help. In order to continue creating great journalism, we need your support.

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