Finland, Russia and the US top the e-residency applicants’ list

The most applications for the Estonian e-residency programme come from Finland, Russia and the United States.

According to an e-residency statistics website, 16.5% of the applicants – or 2,535 people – are from Finland. The Russian Federation is second with 7.92%; 1,216 people from Russia have applied for the e-residency. The United States comes third with 6.16% or 946 applicants.

The statistics also shows that altogether, Estonia has received over 15,000 applications for e-residency, of which just over 14,000 or 93% have been approved. Of the applications that have not been approved, 499 are on a waiting list and 612 under review. Only 154 applications have received a negative response.

When it comes to gender statistics, then a whopping 88% of the applicants have been male. The biggest age group of the applicants is 31-40 – 33% of the people expressed interest in the programme fall in to this group.

Altogether, Estonia has received applications for the e-residency programme from 136 countries – and even from countries like of Vanuatu, Togo, Tajikistan and Cuba.

Estonia opened the e-residency programme up for everyone in December 2014. The Estonian e-residents get a state-issued, secure digital identify that allows digital authentication and the digital signing of documents. E-residents can also open bank accounts in Estonia without having to visit a branch.


Cover: The e-residency card in use (courtesy of EAS.)

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