Estonian startup Cognuse to develop brain injury recovery solutions at Baltimore business accelerator


Cognuse, an Estonian startup that develops and distributes new evaluation and recovery solutions for brain injury patients, has been accepted to the DreamIt Health business accelerator in Baltimore, USA.

Altogether, 120 companies applied for the DreamIt Health business acceleration programme, and only nine of them were shortlisted and accepted.



“With the help of DreamIt Health we make sure to move quickly closer to our main client groups. Acceleration gives us straight access to different research and development centres and a wider board of potential sector-based investors,” Andres Mellik, the CEO of Cogunse, said.

Today about 100 patients and 20 hospitals or recovery centres use Cognuse’s solution, Mellik added.

Forbes Magazine has previously listed DreamIt program as one of the top three acceleration programs in the world, with YCombinator and TechStars.

Cognuse was founded in 2011 when it launched its prototype and business model in the Accelerace Life business acceleration program. The company develops brain injury recovery programmes that can be accessed and used via smartphones, tablets, PCs or other hardware.


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  • John

    Are you sure they were founded in 2012? I heard about them a few years before that.

    • Editor

      Corrected now, thanks.