Writers and translators can apply for a literature residency in Tartu, Estonia

The Tartu City of Literature International Residency Programme for English-speaking writers and translators is open for an application for an April-May 2019 residency period; the application deadline is 25 February.

English-speaking writers and translators can apply for a two-month literature residency programme in the second largest town in Estonia, Tartu. The programme is open to all non-Estonian resident writers and translators (translating from Estonian to other languages) from across the world who meet the following criteria:

  • Upper intermediate level of spoken English
  • At least one published book (fiction or non-fiction), screenplay, theatre script or translation from Estonian into another language by the applicant
  • An interest in Estonian culture and literature
  • Readiness to participate in the local literary life, including events, meetings, interviews, festivals
  • Literary work during the residency

The literature residency programme aims to increase international exchange and communication, contribute to the mobility of writers and translators, offer a creative and inspiring environment, and provide writers an opportunity to introduce their work to the Estonian readers, according to the organisers.

The two-month residency with a scholarship and traveling costs covered is organised by the Estonian Literary Society that is also the main organiser of the Tartu International Literature Festival Prima Vista that takes place from 8-11 May 2019.

The deadline for applications is 25 February 2019. You can find information on how to apply on the programme website.


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