A conference in Tallinn focuses on the global talent race

The Estonian EU presidency conference on migration, “The EU in the Global Race for Talents: Challenges and Solutions in Strengthening the EU’s Competitiveness”, takes place at Tallinn University from 21-22 September, focusing on the global talent race.

This two-day conference will address the connections between immigration and economic development, review the measures in place at supranational, national and regional levels to devise strategies to enhance European competitiveness over the next decades and close the gaps in European labour markets.

The conference brings together stakeholders from different EU member states, the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Migration Network (EMN), intergovernmental organisations, the private sector and the general public.

If the first day will be comprised of more traditional panel discussions with speakers from the European Commission and OECD to the people behind INSEAD’s Global Talent Competitiveness Index and Estonia’s own trailblazers in the field of talent mobility, Karoli Hindriks and Sten Tamkivi. The second day offers participants with an opportunity to discuss these issues in workshops.

The conference is organised by the European Migration Network in partnership with the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Work in Estonia (Enterprise Estonia), Startup Estonia, Deloitte, Archimedes Estonia, Tallinn University and the ministry of the interior.

Registration to the conference will be closed on 11 September.


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