Estonia asks expats about their information needs

Work in Estonia, a government-funded job and information programme aimed at foreigners, has created a survey to better understand the information needs of newly arrived people in Estonia, before and during their stay in the country.

The goal of the Work in Estonia programme and its portal is to introduce Estonia as the perfect destination for fulfilling one’s potential. To better understand the information needs of people, it has now created a survey, available both in English and Russian – the aim is to gather the feedback and improve services based on this feedback. Or in other words – to improve the UX (user experience) of Estonia.

“We know how relocating to a new country is a very important decision, full of questions and uncertainties that might make the process a bit more difficult and tedious than it should be,” Leonardo Ortega, a project manager at Work in Estonia, said. “But moving to Estonia should not be like this, and we are constantly trying to improve the newcomer’s experience, to make this process as fast, simple and trouble-free as it can be.”

Ortega, himself an expat, who relocated to Estonia from Mexico some years ago and now speaks perfect Estonian, emphasised the importance of concrete guidance about Estonia. “The more simple and accurate the information, the easier the relocating process would be – and the faster everyone could start focusing on the important things people came to do in Estonia.”

Ortega said the answers gathered from the quick questionnaire would help Work in Estonia create better information materials.

The Work in Estonia portal was created in 2015 by the Estonian government. It shares information about the relocating process to Estonia and gives a general overview of the country as well as featuring job ads, mainly in the ICT sector.


Cover: An expat in Estonia (the image is illustrative/photo by Rasmus Jurkatam).

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