Estonia is looking for people’s help with its 15-year long-term strategy

The Estonian ministry of finance has started a new long-term strategy process for the country and is looking for people’s help to find what words should describe Estonia in the year 2035.

The ministry is looking to reach Estonians and Estonian enthusiasts all over the world and have created a dedicated website to that end.

“With partners and experts, we have recognised the most important development needs of Estonia,” the finance ministry said. “Now it’s time to discuss the matter of where Estonia, as a state, should reach in 15 years and here, us Estonians and Estonian enthusiasts, have to choose the way forward together.”

The “Eesti 2035” poll is active until 10 May 2019. “It is a short value-based questionnaire and completing it takes two to three minutes,” the ministry said, adding it’s in Estonian, English and Russian.

“The aim of the questionnaire is to help understand what is important to people and the outcome supports the planning process of the long-term goals.”


Cover: “Tallinn Hydroline” – an architectural proposition for Tallinn, against rising sea levels. Courtesy of Iwamotoscott Architecture. The cover photo is illustrative and is not related to the article’s content. 

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