An event in London to discuss opportunities for UK and Estonian startups

The British Estonian Chamber of Commerce invites all Estonian and UK entrepreneurs, investors and government departments to join a discussion on how to bridge the gap between the UK and Estonian evolving startup ecosystems.

Despite Brexit, the United Kingdom has remained one of the most desirable markets for fast-growing startups, due to the access to investment and its global trade links. Just like Estonia, the UK is also ranked among the digital elites of the world, characterised by high levels of digital development, innovation, strong competitiveness and a fast rate of digital evolution.

There are many companies that would like to expand to either market. Yet it’s not easy for small businesses to expand without a network, market knowledge and strategy. To tackle this issue, the British Estonian Chamber of Commerce is organising an event in London for entrepreneurs, investors, partners and government departments, with the aim to build stronger trade links between the UK and Estonia and the wider Baltic region.

The event, taking place on 19 October at Runway East co-working hub in Shoreditch, attempts to find answers on how can investors and innovators best work together, how hard it really is to stand out in the digital economy on a competitive market, what are the challenges and opportunities it may bring and what’s the role of investment and capital in starting out or scaling up, especially with the uncertainty that lays over the UK within the last year.

All these questions will be discussed by Estonian companies who have already succeeded in the UK and share their experience. “We are aiming to create more opportunities for British and Estonian businesses to collaborate. We are kicking off with series of events to help businesses overcome the limitations of growth and expansion to new markets while also introducing the opportunities Estonia can offer to investors and businesses in the UK,” Michael Saxton, the UK ambassador to the British Estonian Chamber of Commerce, told Estonian World.


Cover: London skyline (the image is illustrative).

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