An interactive platform to help new arrivals to Estonia

A new interactive mobile learning platform, called About Estonia, is to offer foreigners to the country the help they need to understand the Estonian society and systems.

Liis Paloots of the International Organisation of Migration (IOM) Estonia, said in a statement that foreigners to Estonia often have a vast array of questions.

“They ask us about their rights, obligations and responsibilities in Estonia, how to get health insurance, how to get their prior learning and professional experiences recognised and dozens of other tough questions,” she added.

About Estonia*, a free, English-language platform, helps provide the answers. It targets refugees and other newly arrived foreigners in Estonia. Learning is in the format of cards, with each course divided into easily understandable learning blocks. It is accessible to anyone in Estonia on most mobile devices, the IOM said in a statement.


* The platform is currently only visible in Estonia.

1 thought on “An interactive platform to help new arrivals to Estonia”

  1. Sus. Police Department (SPD)

    Morons take in parasites..Estonia will regret it like Sweden and Germany in 25 years. Estonian patriotic people should Execute mulims/refugees on sight. Every non compatible migrant takes 10 steps backward for a country.

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