Kau Manor in Estonia has the most inspired design among the world’s hotels

Kau Manor (Kõue mõis in Estonian) in central Estonia has been declared the hotel with the most inspired design in the world by Boutique Hotel Awards.

Boutique Hotel Awards said Kau Manor was an “experience true serenity surrounded by art and design from around the world”.


Kau Manor, owned by Estonian politician Eerik-Niiles Kross and his American wife, the filmmaker and artist, Mary Jordan, has 19 guest rooms, “including three stunning suites”. It’s a 35-minute drive from the capital, Tallinn.


According to the Boutique Hotel Awards website, the manor is “carefully designed and curated with owner Mary Jordan’s artistic touch apparent at every corner. The architectural features of the historic building merge perfectly with a wonderfully eclectically textured, serene, and sensual artistic atmosphere.”


“The spoils of Mary’s travels around the world decorate the house from the gorgeously tiled entryway, to the arrow-bedecked ceiling of the ground floor lounge, the hanging lanterns in the Indonesian-inspired Batak Suite, and the vintage kimono silks in the Krusenstern room. Each room is exquisitely designed – you might very well find yourself coming back again and again to find your personal favourite,” the website says.


Kau Manor was re-built and designed from the original walls of a classic Estonian manor house and inspired by the life and travels of the 19th century Baltic German explorer, Otto von Kotzebue, a previous owner of the manor.


Kau Manor is located in Kose Parish in Harju County, about 50 kilometres (30 miles) south from Tallinn.


Cover: Kau Manor in winter. Images courtesy of Kau Manor and Boutique Hotel Awards.

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