StartupBus Europe aims to launch 80 startups in 72 hours

From 25-28 October, 10 buses depart for their rides from eight European countries, including for the first time Estonia – and on those buses, 40 developers, designers and entrepreneurs engage in 72-hour hackathon process in order to build technically innovative solutions to address real customer problems.

The buspreneurs must introduce a working prototype, validate a business model and find early paying customers. Throughout the journey, leading mentors will consult the participants on matters of development, design, business modelling and online marketing.

The winner of StartupBus Europe will be announced on the main stage at Pioneers’ Festival, Europe’s premium technology conference. The best teams gain sponsor prizes, international media coverage and access to investors and advisors from all over the world.

Applications are open until 15 October for all international entrants with a special focus on talents from Finland, Latvia and Estonia.

The Estonian StartupBus route passes through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria. The participation fee is €200. The fee includes all transport and accommodation expenses during the Tallinn-Vienna leg (2,700 km, three nights, three meetup events) from 25-28 October.

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