An Estonian nature documentary wins the best feature award in Mexico

“The Wind Sculpted Land”, an Estonian nature documentary by Joosep Matjus, won the best feature film award at the Environmental Film Festival of Tulum in Mexico.

The Tulum festival was created with the aim of drawing Caribbean people’s attention to environmental issues; but, in addition, in order to attract attention to the films that highlight the challenges, the organisers also screen beautiful nature documentaries from all around the world. “’The Wind Sculpted Land’ captivated Mexican viewers with its depiction of pristine and untouched Nordic nature,” the producers of the documentary said in a statement.

While making the documentary, Joosep Matjus, a director and a cinematographer, spent very little time in the city as the filming of Estonian nature demanded the best out of him.

A unique view of the nature and the behaviour of moose

“The Wind Sculpted Land” takes viewers through snowy winters, bright green springs, voluptuous summers and colourful falls. The film is a story told through the adventure of the young moose yearlings – it’s about their hard struggle to manage on their own and peculiar interactions with the wildlife that surrounding them.

In a land shaped by the wind, many different strollers inhabit nature. Some by wings, some by paws, some living on flesh while some gently chew on grass. This film will give the audience a unique view of the nature and the behaviour of moose, following them for a whole season. The film takes place at one of the largest coastal meadows in Europe, in Matsalu National Park, located on the west coast of Estonia.

“The Wind Sculpted Land” was released in 2018 – a result of a special film fund created for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

Tulum is a town on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. It’s known for its beaches and well-preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan port city.

Cover: A screenshot from “The Wind Sculpted Land”.

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