Estonia celebrates cultural diversity in 2024

The Year of Cultural Diversity, dedicated to the cultural diversity of Estonian communities and people, was launched on 6 January in the town of Haapsalu.

The theme year is organised by the state-run Estonian Integration Foundation and, according to the country’s current minister of culture, Heidy Purga, “opens the door to the world of different cultures living in our common country”.

Estonia’s Year of Cultural Diversity is dedicated to the cultural diversity of Estonian communities and people. Photo by Egert Kamenik.

The aim of the theme year is to encourage every Estonian to become more aware of, appreciate and value cultural diversity – to see Estonia as the common home of many cultures and to cooperate more actively with each other.

The first event was held on 6 January at the Haapsalu Fair with craftsmen, singers and dancers from different parts of Estonia.

The Year of Cultural Diversity will continue with events throughout the year; the Integration Foundation has opened a calendar on the theme year’s website where it is possible to add thematic events free of charge.

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