Estonian rap phenomenon Nublu to perform in Edinburgh

Nublu, one of the most popular recent music artists in Estonia, is to perform at the Bongo Club in Edinburgh, Scotland, on 16 March.

The rapper who was voted the best male artist of 2018 in Estonia, will perform in the Scottish capital at the invitation of the Edinburgh Estonian Society – a non-profit organisation under the Edinburgh University Student Association. The society, established in 2012, seeks to unite Estonians living in and near Edinburgh and to promote Estonian culture in the city.

Taking Estonia by storm

Last year, Nublu took the Estonian radio stations by storm with his witty and catchy rap songs. A sense of mystery surrounded him, as he didn’t reveal his true identity – Nublu as an artist name was borrowed from an old Estonian children’s book (that described a dog called Nublu).

“The idea to invite Nublu to perform sparked when we tried to come up with ways to celebrate the Estonian Language Day (emakeelepäev, celebrated on 14 March in Estonia – editor). As Nublu is the hottest name among the Estonian artists at the moment and is known for his catchy and innovative lyrics, inviting him to perform seemed suitable,” Taavet Kutsar from the Edinburgh Estonian Society told Estonian World.

Kutsar said that organising the event has not been easy as Nublu, like any other professional performer, requires an appropriate venue with top-notch technical set-up for his shows as well as professional approach to all the details. “For many of us in our small group of volunteers, it is a first time hosting such a prominent artist. We are now in the progress of managing all the details and making sure everything runs smoothly,” he said.

The Estonian Society is punching above its weight

However, the society that has around 50 members, has organised many traditional events each year, such as annual Christmas dinner with Estonian cuisine, and the country’s independence day celebrations. “Additional smaller events, such as boardgame nights, pub quizzes and short trips, are organised throughout the year – just last week we celebrated the Shrove Tuesday, known as Vastlapäev in Estonia,” Kutsar said.

He added that the events are not limited to Estonians only. “In fact, most of our events have many international people attending that find Estonia and our culture interesting. The Estonian Society is well known among the other international societies for ‘punching above its weight’ – many of our events are popular among other societies as well,” he asserted.

“We are sure the Nublu concert is going to be a great show – already over a hundred Estonians and others all over the UK have expressed their interest in the event. We are inviting everyone to visit the capital of Scotland for a weekend and to come and enjoy the show – the more the merrier,” Kutsar noted.


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