LIVE: ‘Creativity For Change’ forum in Tallinn

The Tallinn Music Week introduces a new global forum to discuss solutions for a fairer and more tolerant world – called “Creativity For Change” that will stream live on Estonian World.*

The Creativity for Change forum will take place on 1 April in Tallinn. It will bring together game-changers from the arts, business, culture, civil society, education, science, technology and policy-making from more than 30 countries, to explore creative approaches to reshaping our society on the verge of what has become known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution – to achieve greater democracy, transparency, tolerance, diversity, equality, true freedom of expression and sustainable prosperity.

“During its seven editions, the TMW has become a unique representation of music democracy. It’s also our contribution to a better society. We believe the richness of the 21st century is in its cultural and ethnic diversity, based on equality,” said Helen Sildna, the organiser of the Tallinn Music Week and the forum. “Tolerance is the glue that keeps societies happy, healthy and successful. Talent thrives in tolerant soil, as does democracy and a sustainable economy.”

Creativity for Change forum

In the forum, the president of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, will be joined by Hamdi Ulukaya, the CEO of Chobani, who has signed the the Giving Pledge and committed the majority of his personal wealth to help bring an end to the global refugee crisis. Ulukaya is a member of US president Barack Obama’s Ambassadors of Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE) and Eminent Advocate of UNHCR, leading several charity organisations worldwide.

Among the speakers in the forum are the Estonian minister of foreign affairs, Marina Kaljurand, IT entrepreneurs Sten Tamkivi and Ott Jalakas, architects Andrus Kõresaar and Marco Casagrande, humanitarian experts Kilian Kleinschmidt and Brian Reich, environmentalists Tia Kansara and Rainer Nõlvak, start-up angel Fadi Bishara, MEP Julia Reda, minorities campaigners Gulya Sultanova, Tillet Wright and Kaspars Zalitis, author Ben Judah, music promoters Ramin Sadighi and Thomas Noreila, education visionaries Conrad Wolfram and Kathleen Naglee, scientist Lili Milani and many others.


* Please note that the live coverage has now ended.

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  1. I trust the tolerance spoken of above does not imply an acceptance of large-scale non-European immigration into Estonia. Given the recent events in Paris and Brussels, not to mention Cologne, the tensions and dangers this would bring should be obvious.

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