The Bergamo film festival to show Priit Pärn’s animations

The Bergamo Film Meeting, a film festival in the namesake Italian city, will screen animation movies by the renowned Estonian animator, Priit Pärn.

The festival will screen 19 animation movies by Priit Pärn and his wife, Olga Pärn.

A special exhibition, “Tra enigma e magia” (“Between enigma and magic”), dedicated to the couple, will open with a guided tour at the presence Priit and Olga Pärn on Saturday, 26 March, at 11AM.

Priit and Olga Pärn. Photo by Märt Rudolf Pärn.

The exhibition displays selected prints of film stills from the animations Priit and Olga Pärn have directed, as well as illustrations for eight books. “The Italians particularly liked my illustrations for ‘The Gothamites’ (‘Kilplased’; an Estonian children’s book by Eno Raud – editor),” Priit Pärn said in a statement.

The exhibition is accompanied by the screening of the documentary, “Priit Pärn in Tallinn”, by Guillaume Calop and Tamaki Okamoto.

Priit Pärn’s illustrations.

Priit Pärn is an award-winning animated filmmaker, illustrator and a lecturer in film schools. His films often comment upon political systems and movements or the condition of the society.

Pärn’s works include “Breakfast on the Grass” (1987), a glance at communist reality, associated with the painting by Edouard Manet; the film “1895” (1995) about unknown facts from the lives of the Lumière brothers; and #Karl and Marilyn” (2003), a film confronting capitalism and socialism.

Priit Pärn’s “Breakfast on the Grass” (1987)

The Bergamo Film Meeting was founded in 1983 to promote and spread cinema culture.

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