Majority of TalTech foreign IT students find professional work in Estonia

Two-thirds of the foreign graduates of the School of Information Technologies of Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) have found a job in Estonia, the official statistics show.

Contrary to often circulated fake news by the Estonian far-right populists that aim to portray foreign students as useless, residing in Estonia only for the purpose of easily earning a degree or merely for a student visa, a whopping 65% of the foreign students of the School of Information Technologies of TalTech have found a job in Estonia.

The fact that so many foreign graduates have decided to stay in Estonia and are a great benefit to the country’s companies – many of whom are short of IT staff – was confirmed by the latest statistics by the country’s Tax and Customs Board.

Cyber security students the most likely to find a job

The highest number of foreign students who have found jobs in Estonia have graduated from TalTech’s Cyber Security and Communicative Electronics programmes, with 79 and 73 per cent, respectively. The majority (88%) of the foreign graduates found a job in Estonia within one month after graduation or even during their studies, TalTech said in its website.

“We are pleased to note that graduates of all study programmes of TalTech’s School of Information Technologies, regardless of their origin, can easily find employment in Estonia. It gives us assurance that our programmes are in line with the requirements of the labour market,” Gert Jervan, the Dean of TalTech’s School of Information Technologies, said in a statement.

Almost 1,700 foreign students from 100 different countries started their studies at TalTech in 2019, accounting for 16% of all students at the university.

Cover: A group of TalTech students. The image is illustrative, courtesy of TalTech.

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