Tallinn University offers tuition free studies for Ukrainian students for the next academic year

Tallinn University is to provide tuition free studies for the next academic year for all Ukrainian students who start their studies at the university from September 2022.

Ukrainian students can submit applications to start their studies until 1 May.

According to the university, Ukrainian students can apply for bachelor’s programmes, such as liberal arts in humanities; liberal arts in social sciences; law or politics; and governance. Among others, the educational innovation and leadership; international relations; and open society technologies programmes are open for master’s studies, the university said in a statement.

Tallinn University also accepts students whose education has been interrupted due to the war. For example, students are welcome to continue their studies in contemporary European languages and cultures or liberal arts in humanities bachelor’s degree programmes.

Among other master’s programmes, students can continue their studies in educational innovation and leadership or Slavic languages and cultures.

The university recommends that Ukrainians who are going to study at the university also apply for war refugee status, which allows them to apply and receive a subsistence allowance that helps cover living expenses.

Tallinn University also offers accommodation for Ukrainian war refugees at the university’s dormitories, the cost of which can be covered by the subsistence allowance.

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