A covidiot in Estonia visits a spa, a nightclub and multiple stores

An individual with a positive coronavirus test and symptoms – colloquially called a covidiot (COVID-19 + idiot) – either out of sheer stupidity or intentionally visited a spa, a nightclub, a movie theatre and multiple stores in the southern Estonian town of Tartu; the Estonian Health Board warns that this irresponsible behaviour could let loose another coronavirus wave.

According to the Health Board, the person with a positive coronavirus test visited the Vabank nightclub on 18 July and the Meresuu Spa the next day. In addition, the individual visited multiple stores and, on 23 July, a movie theatre, attending a 9 PM viewing at the Tartu Lõunakeskus.

The chief of the Health Board’s southern Estonian department, Tiia Luht, said this behaviour was extremely dangerous that, in addition to putting one’s own health at risk, could contribute to another coronavirus wave.

“Because of such behaviour, the virus may start spreading widely, and this would have consequences to returning to a normal life,” Luht said in a statement, adding that anyone with any illness symptoms should stay home and contact their GP. 

“Different mass events and the normal functioning of the society depend on our own sense of responsibility. The more we ignore this fact, the more severe will be the consequences to us all.”

The Health Board calls upon everyone who might have come to contact with the sick person to monitor their health and call their GP, should they develop symptoms.

As of 24 July, 2,028 people in Estonia have tested positive for the novel coronavirus – 152.1 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Altogether, 8.5% of the population have been tested, and the tests have been positive at the rate of 1,8%. The most positive tests have occurred in Saaremaa (10.9%), Võrumaa (2.8%) and Pärnumaa (2.0%).

Cover: Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash.

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