An Estonian anti-masker makes a fool out of himself by wearing – yup – a mask

An Estonian anti-mask demonstrator made a complete fool out of himself by giving an interview to a local TV channel while protesting against the country’s mask mandate while wearing a mask.

The young man, who, in his own words, was protesting the mask mandate that the government finally instituted in Estonia on 24 November (long after the shit had already hit the fan, of course) was holding up a sign that said, “FAKK SÜSTEEM”, which can be construed as “Fuck the system”.

When the interviewer addressed him, asking what he was protesting, he was wearing a mask, which he pulled down and said, “I’m protesting against masks because it’s taking away the freedom.”

When the interviewer pointed out that he was, indeed, wearing a mask, he responded, “That was an accident, I forgot.”

The video below is in Estonian.

Estonian World calls upon everyone to wear a mask when social distancing is impossible – wherever in the world you are. It will help slow down the spread of the virus. It’s not political, it’s science. It’s about saving human lives.

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