UK study: British millennials the most likely travel to Estonia

According to a research by the UK comparison company,, millennials in Britain – travellers aged 25-34 – are more likely than any other age group to travel to Estonia.

The research revealed that 33,131 British millennials visited Estonia in 2019. The travel report shows that millennials in Britain – travellers aged 25-34 – are 91% more likely than any other age group to travel to Estonia, the company said.

“It’s interesting to see that whilst some countries are universally popular for British holiday-makers, some destinations are definitely favoured by certain generations,” Patrick Ikhena, the head of the travel insurance department at said in a statement.

“Knowing which destinations are most popular for each generation is useful both for those who want to travel with others around the same age and for tourist boards to see which age groups they currently are/aren’t appealing to. For example, our analysis reveals that Estonia is a key destination for millennials, so this is a great opportunity to target these travellers and craft their offerings to an audience of this age.”

The most popular travel destination for every generation of Britons was Spain. France came second in this category and the US third. is a British price comparison website, founded in 2008.

Cover: A group of millennials in Tallinn. The image is illustrative (Renee Altrov).

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