Estonian cancer treatment fund asks for Estonian-Americans’ help

The Hille Tänavsuu Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation, an Estonian fund that helps cancer patients buy lifesaving medicine, asks for Estonian-Americans’ help to give a hundred Estonian cancer patients the chance for a longer life.

The foundation wishes to celebrate the country’s centennial by helping a hundred cancer patients get a chance for a longer fulfilling life or even recovery from the disease. To achieve this, the fund is inviting all Estonians living in North America to support the Estonian cancer patients’ fight.

According to the foundation, the Washington Estonian Society is hosting a gala event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia on 17 February in Arlington, VA. During the event, donations will be raised for the Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation and a charity auction will be held. Toivo Tänavsuu, an Estonian journalist and the founder of the foundation, will also be present.

On 21 February, an event will take place at the New York Estonian House, where people can also donate to the foundation, it said in a statement.

Helped more than 200 Estonians

The Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation was founded in 2014, inspired by journalist Hille Tänavsuu’s fight with cancer. Now it has grown into one of the largest charities in Estonia. The foundation’s purpose is to support cancer patients whose treatment is not covered by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. Over the past four years, more than 200 Estonians aged five to 83 have been helped by the foundation and more than €3 million have been raised in donations.

“Although our primary objective is to treat cancer patients, we also help cure the Estonian society with our activities by promoting charity as a lifestyle,” Tänavsuu said in a statement. “I invite all Estonians living in North America to support their own people’s fight with their terrible disease.”

How can you make a donation to the Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation?

  1. In North America, you can donate via the Washington Estonian Society, which is a 501(c)(3) organisation:

Washington Estonian Society

5320 Waldo Drive

Alexandria, VA, 22315

Keyword “The Gift of Life”

  1. For donations made from Estonia, see the details on the foundation’s website.


The images courtesy of The Gift of Life Cancer Treatment Foundation.

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