How to vote in the Estonian general election?

Estonian citizens living abroad permanently or staying there temporarily have numerous ways of casting their vote at the Estonian general election.

Estonian citizens have three options for voting in a foreign country. 

The easiest way is to vote electronically, using their ID cards. Estonian citizens can vote electronically from 27 February 9:00 AM until 4 March 8:00 PM (Estonian time).

Between 18 and 23 February, it’s also possible to vote at Estonia’s foreign representations on at least two days. More information on voting is available on each foreign mission’s website.

People who desire to cast their votes should make sure in due time that their Estonian passports or ID-cards are valid on the day of voting. Also, the people who choose to vote electronically need to make sure they have valid PIN codes for their ID cards.

The easiest way to vote in the Estonian general election is to do so electronically. The image is illustrative.

Voters need to have a designated electoral district

Voters who live abroad permanently must have a designated electoral district. 

“If you have none, you will not be included in the list of voters. To check whether you have a designated electoral district, please contact and provide detailed information about your last place of residence in Estonia,” according to the Estonian foreign ministry.

“If you have never lived in Estonia, please submit the last Estonian address of your parents or grandparents to”

“You can only vote if there is correct electoral district data on record, so we recommend making sure your data is up to date at the earliest opportunity,” the foreign ministry said.

People living in Estonia can also vote electronically from 27 February 9:00 AM until 4 March 8:00 PM (Estonian time). Estonian citizens living in the country can vote in person at their local polling station on 5 March.

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