Estonians burn fourth-most calories during sex among Europeans

According to a recent study on key calorie-burning indicators in each European country, Estonians burn the fourth-most calories during sex among Europeans.

The study, conducted by online fitness resource Total Shape, analysed data on key calorie-burning indicators in each European country, including the average weight of men and women and the calories calculated by the average duration of the activity in seconds. This data then indicated which country burns the most and least calories during sex, The Hippocratic Post, a medical blog, reported.

Estonia came in fourth with 166.05 calories burned on average during 10 minutes of sex. “WHO European Region stated that Estonia is one of the first countries of the former Soviet Union to introduce official sex education in schools,” according to the blog.

The Czech Republic came first with an average of 168.59 calories per 10 minutes of sex; Croatia second with 168.49; and Montenegro third with an average of 168.10 calories burnt during ten minutes of sex.

Estonia was followed by Latvia (164.84), Ireland (164.74) and the Netherlands (164.33).

The top ten:

1. The Czech Republic – 168.59  

2. Croatia – 168.49

3. Montenegro – 168.10

4. Estonia – 166.05

5. Latvia – 164.84

6. Ireland – 164.74

7. Netherlands – 164.33

8. Iceland – 164.23

9. Greece – 164.22

10. Norway – 164.13

On the other end of the scale, the top three European countries burning the least calories during sex came out as Portugal, Italy and Morocco, according to the Hippocratic Post.

A couple making love. Photo by We Vibe Toys on Unsplash.

“Discussions around sex and the habits during the activity vary enormously from country to country and person to person. Having sex with a partner brings many benefits on top of burning calories, such as improving blood circulation, producing endorphins and boosting mood,” a spokesperson for Total Shape said.

“It’s important to note the number of calories burned during sex varies widely from one session to another as different positions and how fast-paced the session is can burn a different number of calories.”

The Hippocratic Post is a UK-based global blogging site specialising in medical issues. Total Shape is a community website dedicated to a healthier lifestyle.

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