Estonians’ favourite season is – surprisingly – not the summer

Even though Estonian summers seem to be the time people enjoy the most, surprisingly, according to a recent survey, the summer is not the Estonians’ favourite season.

Estonian weekly newspaper Maaleht (“Rural Paper” in English) questioned a hundred people aged from eight to 85 years, equally men and women, and from the survey it emerged that 58% of the people considered the spring their favourite season. Only 25% of the respondents said the summer was their favourite.

Just ten per cent of the respondents said the autumn was their favourite, and seven per cent favoured the winter.

Camping in Estonia during the summer. Photo by Margus Kontus.

In the terms of the gender, 62% of the men and 54% of the women considered the spring their favourite season, according to the newspaper.

Every day is different in the spring

What makes the spring many people’s favourite season is the fact that that’s when the nature starts flourishing again.

“The cropping up of the nature and people’s forward going and positive eagerness,” Ivari Padar, one of the respondents, told Maaleht. Kauno Kõima, another respondent, said the greenness of the spring and its different colours energise him and make him feel great. “What’s most important – it seems that everything is starting and everything is ahead of you. It’s been like that since I was a kid.”

A spring Sunday in Võsu, Estonia. Photo by Renee Altrov.

“The spring is a time when every day is different. Every day there are new leaves, blossoms, scents. In the summer – be it warm or cold, cool or rainy, there are no colours; it’s routine. On the other hand, you want to be done with the winter. Even people who love the winter, they don’t want it to last for six months,” Silver Hüdsi, another respondent, told the newspaper.

“There are many things in the spring: buds, the thawing of the snow, creeks, leaves, blossoms, scents and warmth and the sun,” he added. “All that is why I like the spring the most.”

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