Estonia’s quality of life 23rd in the world

According to the non-profit organisation, Social Progress Imperative, Estonia’s quality of life is 23rd in the world.

The “Social Progress Index” collates the scores of three main indexes: basic human needs that include medical care, sanitation and shelter; foundations of wellbeing that covers education, access to technology and life expectancy; and opportunity that looks at personal rights, freedom of choice and general tolerance.

The index then adds the three different factors together, before giving each nation a score out of 100.

Estonia scored 23rd with the result of 82.62.

“In the Basic Human Needs Dimension, Estonia performs best on Nutrition and Basic Medical Care and has most opportunity to improve on the Personal Safety component,” the organisation said in its report.

“In the Foundations of Wellbeing Dimension, Estonia scores highest on Access to Basic Knowledge but lags on the Health and Wellness component. In the Opportunity Dimension, Estonia is strongest on Personal Rights and has the most room to improve on Tolerance and Inclusion.”

The highest scoring countries in the index were Finland (90.09), Canada (89.49) and Denmark (89.39). Estonia’s southern neighbour, Latvia, scored 36th, and Lithuania 34th.

The Social Progress Imperative is a US-based non-profit organisation created in 2012 and it’s best known for the Social Progress Index.


Cover: An Estonian fisherwoman relaxing in autumn (the image is illustrative/courtesy of EAS.)

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