It’s official: Estonia is a cat-loving nation

An Australian insurance company used Instagram data for conducting a global survey to see whether cats or dogs were more popular across the world; in Estonia, cats were a clear winner.

Budget Direct, an insurance company, counted every post on Instagram tagged #ilovedogs, #dogloversclub or #doglovers – and did the same for cats. The company said it used Instagram’s geo-data to see how many “Dogstagram posts” and how many “Catstagram posts” were made in every part of the world.

The survey found that cats are more popular than dogs in 91 countries, while dogs are more popular in 76 countries.

For example, the United States, Australia and the UK are all “dog-people” countries, while cats dominate in China, Russia and Canada. “The dogs take more continents, though. Dog posts outweigh cat posts across North and South America, Oceania, and Africa, while the cats take just Europe and Asia,” the company said.

Cats vs dogs world map by Budget Direct.

Tallinn one of the most cat-loving cities

In Europe, cats are more popular in Iceland (91.4 per cent), Estonia (79.9 per cent), Romania (74.2 per cent), Finland (72.7 per cent), Italy (72.5 per cent), Poland (72.2 per cent) and Austria (70.4 per cent).

Mostly dog-loving European countries are Andorra (85.8 per cent), Serbia (77.4 per cent), Monaco (77.2 per cent), Slovenia (69.3 per cent), Albania (62 per cent), United Kingdom (61.2 per cent), Slovakia (60.9 per cent), Montenegro (60.1 per cent) and Ireland (59.6 per cent).

Budget Direct’s data team also analysed Instagram posts from over 10,000 cities to see which pet has a greater share of hashtags – and Estonia’s capital Tallinn is accordingly the 100th most “cat-loving” city in the world (with 86% of the hashtags showing love for cats).

Cover: A cat. Photo by Erik-Jan Leusin/Unsplash.

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