PICTURES: Autumn moments in Estonia

When it’s not wet and windy – the occasional heavy rains with a thunderstorm can be pretty aggressive – the autumn in Estonia can offer calm and tranquillity. Nature, with its various shades of red, yellow, orange, blue and brown, provides moments of infinite calm. Estonian World picked some images to convey the autumn feeling in Estonia.*

Mushrooming is a popular activity in autumn. And when not lucky with edible fruit bodies of fungus, a simple walk in the fresh air is always enchanting (image by Magnus Heinmets).

The Tilleoru hiking trail in the autumn (image by Sven Zacek).

Mushrooming success in the island of Prangli (image by Visit Estonia).

Estonians also love to pick wild berries in the autumn (image by Aron Urb).

One of the University of Tartu’s international students, Brigita Salkute, welcoming the autumn (image by the University of Tartu).

A golden autumn (image by Jevgeni Ivanov).

The Harjumägi hill in Tallinn (image by Kadi-Liis Koppel).

An autumn walk in the Viru bog (image by Jaanus Ree).

“Love is the answer, man!” Graffiti in the Telliskivi Creative City (image by Aron Urb).

The scenery near the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds (image by Jaanus Ree).

Moments of peace (image by Jaanus Ree).

Autumn in Kadriorg Park.

Tõrva surroundings in autumn.

The night sky above Suur Munamägi, the highest peak in Estonia (image by Martin Mark).

Tartu Town Hall Square. This laid-back classicist old town is where my Tartu office lies. Nothing beats the foggy weather during the blue hours of short late autumn days. It’s soft, sweet and relaxing for some – and, yes, appallingly morbid for others.

The Tartu Town Hall Square. The foggy weather during the blue hours of the short late autumn days is soft, sweet and relaxing for some – and, yes, appallingly morbid for others (image by Tõnu Runnel).


Cover: An autumn scenery in Pärnu (image by Toomas Olev). * This article was first published in October 2017.

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