Survey: Estonia is millennial expats’ second-favourite country to settle

According to a recent survey, Estonia is millennial expats’ second-favourite country to settle or at least to live in.

The 2019 Expat Insider Survey is compiled by InterNations, a global network with members in 420 cities. The survey is based on the answers from 20,259 respondents around the world.

According to the survey, Estonia is, overall, the 23rd favourite place for expats to live. However, according to a recent New York Times article, among the millennial expats, Estonia came second after Argentina.

The organisation doesn’t have an age-group based data available on its website, but for the New York-based newspaper, it did tabulate where the most expatriates in four individual demographic categories currently live.

In the millennial category, the expats’ favourite countries are Argentina, Estonia, Ireland, Norway and Germany. In the other categories – professionals, families and retirees – Estonia doesn’t feature in the top 10.

Taiwan is the overall favourite

InterNations is a website dedicated to expatriates and the NYT calls it “perhaps the most comprehensive” one. It was founded in 2007 by two German entrepreneurs and now counts 3.7 million members in 168 countries.

Overall, the expats’ favourite destinations are Taiwan, Vietnam, Portugal, Mexico and Spain.

And good news for Estonians who like to compare their country to their southern neighbours of Latvia and Lithuania – these countries don’t feature in the top 64 at all. However, Finland is the 19th favourite country for expats to live. Russia, however, is ranked 56th.

Estonia’s place in other metrics (out of 64 countries):
1 Digital Life
8 Work & Leasure
7 Working abroad
10 Health & Wellbeing
10 Economy & Job Security
12 Safety and Security
14 Quality of life
20 Career Prospects & Satisfaction
23 Cost of Living
23 Top Expat Destinations
25 Personal finance
26 Travel & Transportation
34 Feeling at home
36 Language
40 Personal Happiness
48 Ease of Settling in
52 Finding Friends
53 Leisure Options

Cover: An expat in an Estonian forest. The photo is illustrative (Raul Mee).

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