The LA Estonian Society sponsors an essay contest for students

The Los Angeles Estonian Society is sponsoring an essay contest for middle and high school students – the participants are expected to write about “the importance of community” and put their thoughts in an Estonian context; the first prize is US$1,000.

“Estonians are familiar with many communities, ranging from family to social and political groups. Some communities have fixed boundaries. There are other communities that have no fixed boundaries. There are song, dance and folk-tale communities. The number of possible communities sometimes seem endless,” the society says in its announcement.

“Are some communities more important than others? Do we need to build communities, or do they just happen? How do the communities you belong to impact your life? What is your most important community? How are communities formed? What characterises communities? These are just thoughts to get you started.”

The essays are expected to be written in English and all middle or high school students, wherever they’re located, are eligible to participate. The essays shouldn’t be longer than 2,500 words.

The Los Angeles Estonian Mixed Choir at the Los Angeles Estonian House.

The deadline for submission is 5 May 2023. The completed manuscripts should be emailed to

The winners will be announced on 14 June 2023.

The first prize of the contest is US$1,000, the second US$750 and the third US$250.

“The winning essay will be published in the Estonian Society of Los Angeles Newsletter, Estonian World, Vaba Eesti Sõna and also in the Estonian-American Business Alliance newsletter.”

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