Three Estonian counties show a “moderate growth trend” in new coronavirus infections

Three Estonian counties – Harju, Ida-Viru and Pärnu – are showing a “moderate growth trend” in new coronavirus infections, the country’s Health Board says.

According to the Estonian Health Board, in the past 14 days, most Estonian counties have shown a trend of decline in new cases of the novel coronavirus. However, Harjumaa, Ida-Virumaa and Pärnumaa, are showing growth.

Harjumaa and Ida-Virumaa are the most populous counties in Estonia, Pärnumaa is the fourth in the country in terms of population.

Estonia’s coronavirus emergency situation expired on 17 May and since then, the government has eased many of the restrictions imposed to help contain the spread of the virus. Since then, the country also opened up its borders to most of the European Union. The 2+2 rule – only parties of two in a public place; two metres (6.5 feet) apart with other parties – remains in effect, but most people do not adhere to it.

In the last 24 hours prior to 5 June, the Health Board registered ten positive coronavirus tests in Estonia.

Almost seven per cent of the population have been tested

Twenty people are still hospitalised around the country; however, none of them need assisted breathing. Over 340 people have been released from the hospitals and 354 coronavirus cases have been closed. According to the official figures, 69 people have succumbed to the virus.

Estonia has tested over 87,000 people during the coronavirus pandemic, which constitutes 6.6% of the population; of the tested, 1,890 have been positive – 2.2% of the population.

According to the Health Board, when the pandemic started, all positive coronavirus cases were imported from other countries. By now, of the confirmed cases, 7.5% have been imported.

The Estonian Health Board is reminding people that despite of the end of the emergency situation, the avoid contracting the novel coronavirus, people should continue to wash their hands, to stay home if they’re sick and to keep their distance from other people.

Cover: A visualisation of the Covid-19 virus. Photo by Fusion Medical Animation/Unsplash.

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