Video and pictures: Estonian slackline athlete Jaan Roose breaks a world record

The slackline world champion Jaan Roose walked the longest single-building slackline, across one of Qatar’s architectural landmarks, the Katara Towers, at a height of over 185 metres.

Jaan Roose, an Estonian slackline athlete, walked 150 metres (492 ft) on a slackline tied between the towers in Lusail Marina, Qatar, 185 metres (606 ft) above the ground. A slackline, a rope made of strong fabric and stretched above the ground, holds less tension than a tightrope.

The Reuters news agency reported that the achievement means the three-time slackline world champion has completed the world’s longest single-building slackline. It was also Roose’s highest urban slackline balancing so far.

Estonian slackline athlete Jaan Roose has completed the world’s longest single-building slackline to cross one of Qatar’s newest and most iconic architectural landmarks, Katara Towers.

Roose had to complete the challenge between night and dawn, while navigating gusty wind conditions. “Per metre walked, this line was my toughest ever,” Roose said, according to the Visit Qatar YouTube channel.

He said he felt “fantastic” after crossing the distance between the towers and it took “so much work” to “find the perfect moment during the day with less wind with no sun” to walk on the slackline, BBC reported.

Jaan Roose originates from Matsuri – a small village near the Estonian-Russian border. It is where he started his constant training in 2010 and, over the years, still exercised and prepared for difficult tricks.

According to Roose, slacklining is a tough sport, both mentally and physically. “It is very challenging, not least for the fact that once you fall, you will not have a second chance,” he told the Estonian Public Broadcasting in 2016.

Roose also worked as a slackline artist for Madonna, demonstrating his skills during the pop superstar’s MDNA World Tour concerts.

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