Canadian and Swedish Estonians condemn EKRE ministers’ comments about US elections

The Estonian Central Council in Canada and the Association of Estonians in Sweden have issued a statement, condemning the comments by the ministers of the Estonian Conservative People’s Party – also known as EKRE – that undermine Estonia’s security and relations with its Western allies.

Estonian World publishes the statement in full:

The Estonian Central Council in Canada (EKN) and Association of Estonians in Sweden (REL) condemn the comments of the Estonian far-right EKRE party ministers, Mart Helme and Martin Helme, concerning the American elections, which undermine Estonia’s security and relations with Western allies.

The Helmes and Jaak Madison said, on the “Let’s Talk About It” radio earlier this week, that the US election results were falsified and that President-Elect Joe Biden’s presidency would be the beginning of America’s decline. According to the Estonian Secretary of the Interior, Mart Helme, Joe Biden was chosen President of the United States by the deep state and accused him of corruption.

After regaining its independence, Estonia quickly integrated with Europe and embraced the democratic values of the West. EKRE’s views and statements have repeatedly called into question Estonia’s good reputation and place among Western democracies. The statements made by EKRE ministers are unacceptable and do not represent the views of the Estonian community in Canada or Sweden.

Estonians living abroad have worked tirelessly to restore Estonia’s independence during the years of Soviet occupation. For the past 30 years, we have been lobbying effectively on behalf of Estonia in the host countries. These recent developments are cause for serious concern for the future of the Estonian state.

Cover: Toronto’s Estonian community celebrating the Estonian Independence Day. Photo by Peeter Põldre.

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