Estonian IT visionary Linnar Viik elected chairman of a European innovation cluster

Estonian IT visionary Linnar Viik has been elected the chairman of the Brussels-based EIT Digital Council, one of Europe’s most influential digital development and innovation clusters.

Viik was elected by the general assembly of EIT Digital on 11 September.

Founded in 2010, EIT Digital is one of Europe’s most influential digital development and innovation clusters, bringing together over 250 partners from European universities, research institutions and digital companies to develop research and innovation-intensive technologies and services. To date, EIT Digital has mobilised over EUR2.1 billion through partners and co-financed developments with over EUR400 million from its budget.

“The impact and importance of EIT Digital activities will surely grow over the next few years in Europe and the world. My biggest challenge is to help the organisation keep up with this growth,” Viik said in a statement.

Linnar Viik is an IT visionary, entrepreneur and lecturer in Estonia. From 1999-2001, he advised the country’s then-prime minister, Mart Laar, on IT and research and development. During that time, Estonia introduced a bulk of its digital governance services that paved a way for its to become one of the most digitalised countries in the world.

He is a co-founder and programme manager of the e-Governance Academy, a lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts and the University of Tartu, and a co-founder and partner of Mobi Solutions.

Cover: Linnar Viik.

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