BHC Laboratory has become the first Estonian company to win a European Defence Agency’s bid

BHC Laboratory, an Estonian company, has won a European Defence Agency’s (EDA) bid to organise a strategic cyber security exercise.

BHC Laboratory, a company specialised in cyber security products and solutions, is the first Estonian company to win an EDA bid.

The exercise will take place at the Portuguese National Defence Institute from 12-14 May 2014. It shall be a pilot exercise, where the European Defence Agency shall assess and shape the strategic decision-making process during a large-scale cyber conflict.

BHC Laboratory will prepare both the scenario of the exercise and also oversee the conduct of the exercise. Also, the company will organise a pre-exercise theoretical course for the participants of the exercise.

Ingvar Pärnamäe, Undersecretary for Defence Investments at the Estonian Ministry of Defence, welcomed the fact that a methodology that is created and proven in Estonia can now be put in use at the European level. “This demonstrates that not only the expertise of Estonian government agencies on cyber defence issues is in the forefront in Europe, but also the Estonian private sector has considerable products and solutions for the European market,” Pärnamäe said.

According to the 2013 Estonian Defence Industry Policy, the Estonian Ministry of Defence supports the creation and development of a defence industry that would be competitive on the international markets, export-oriented and would be a reliable partner for the Estonian state during peace-, crisis- and war-time.

BHC Laboratory, bringing together cyberspace and security experts, was founded in 2012.


Source: Estonian Ministry of Defence.

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