Denmark and Italy take over the air policing mission in the Baltics

Denmark and Italy have taken over the Baltic Air Policing mission; the Danes will be based in Lithuania and the Italians in Estonia.

The Danish F-16 jets will fly from the Šiauliai Air Base in Lithuania, while Italy’s Eurofighters will operate in a supporting role from Ämari in Estonia.

NATO allies have been taking turns to police Baltic airspace since 2004, when Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania joined NATO.

At a ceremony on 8 January, Denmark took over the mission from the United States. It is the sixth time Demark has taken part in the NATO mission.

In Estonia, an event was held on 10 January to mark the handover from Belgium to Italy. It is the third time the Italian aircraft have patrolled the Baltic air space.

The Danish and Italian jets will be deployed for the next four months. Seventeen allies have participated in the Baltic Air Policing mission since 2004.


Cover: An Italian Eurofighter (the image is illustrative).

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