Estonia ranks first in Europe in cybersecurity

According to the International Telecommunication Union’s Global Cybersecurity index, Estonia ranks fifth in the world and first in Europe in cybersecurity.

In the world, Estonia ranked fifth after Singapore, the US, Malaysia and Oman, the country’s e-Governance Academy said in a statement. This ranking makes Estonia first in Europe in the field of cybersecurity, according to the index that ranks 195 countries all over the world.

Raul Rikk, the head of national cyber security domain at the e-Governance Academy, said that it was interesting to see that countries with relatively poor ratings in ICT development indices have quite good positions in the cybersecurity index. “Yet the countries ranking well in the ICT development indices don’t necessarily have as good positions in the Global Cybersecurity Index,” he noted.

The Global Cybersecurity Index consists of five areas: legislation, technical capacity, organisational capacity, capacity building and cooperation.

Since 2007, when Estonia became the first country in the world that was attacked in a cyber conflict, the country has become a global heavyweight in cybersecurity-related knowledge, advising many other states on the matter. Estonia has signed agreements on developing training and cooperation in cybersecurity with Austria, Luxembourg and South Korea.

The e-Governance Academy is an Estonian think tank and consultancy organisation founded for the creation and transfer of knowledge and best practice concerning e-governance, e-democracy, national cyber security and the development of open information societies.


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