Estonia to host a record number of US troops in Saber Strike exercise

US Army Europe's 2nd Cavalry Regiment in training in Germany. Credit: US Army Europe.

During the allied Saber Strike exercise this summer, Estonia will host a record number of US troops; while the exact number is unknown, it’s estimated over 500 units of US military kit would participate in the exercise.

The Saber Strike exercise will be one of US Army Europe’s largest multinational exercises this summer in a bid to practice a speedy response with its new rapid-reaction forces in Eastern Europe, Newsweek reported.

The exercise will complement a summer NATO exercise, Brilliant Jump, to drill multinational response from eight allies in Eastern Europe, in the hypothetical scenario of a threat in the region, according to the magazine.

Saber Strike will kick off on 27 May in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and continue until 15 June, involving 14 different nations, including a 2,400-kilometre (1,491-mile) tactical march by 2nd Cavalry Regiment from Germany to the Baltics.

Saber Strike is an annual international exercise held since 2010 by the United States Army Europe, focused on the Baltic States. The exercise spans multiple locations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and involves approximately 2,000 troops from 14 countries.

According to Wikipedia, the exercise trains participants on command and control as well as interoperability with regional partners and consists of a brigade-level command post exercise and computer assisted exercise, as well as company-level field and situational training exercises. It also features the integration of US close air support with partner nation ground forces and the demonstration of US Expeditionary Medical Support capability.


Cover: US Army Europe’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment in training in Germany. Credit: US Army Europe.

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