Estonian drones join Ukraine’s “drone army”

The first nine drones provided by Estonian businesses and residents have joined Ukraine’s “army of drones”, a campaign that aims to procure thousands of drones to monitor the frontline in Ukraine and provide an effective response to Russian attacks; the next 10 drones are on their way to Ukraine.

The drones supplied by Estonia will be sent to where they are needed most, depending on the drone’s parameters and the situation on the battlefront.

The first nine drones were handed over to General Yurii Shchyhol, a coordinator of the “army of drones”, by the Estonian ambassador to Ukraine, Kaimo Kuusk.

“The donated general consumer drones will allow the Ukrainian army to improve its intelligence capabilities at platoon, even at squad level. Rapid intelligence will save lives in a fast-changing battle situation,” Jaak Ennuste, a cofounder of Herojam Slava, an Estonian NGO that organises the donation of drones.

Jaanika Merilo and Jaak Ennuste cofounded Herojam Slava, an Estonian NGO that organises the donation of drones to Ukraine. Photo by NGO Herojam Slava.

The “army of drones” project was launched as part of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s United24 project and is coordinated by the Ukrainian digital transformation ministry and the country’s general staff. The general staff knows best the current needs of the defenders of Ukraine, and donors can be sure that the drones will be sent to where they are most helpful.

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