Estonian households receive guides on how to stay safe in an emergency

More than 580,000 households across Estonia have received a printed hazard information guide with instructions on how to stay safe during an emergency or military crisis, including how to respond to sirens, evacuation orders and shelter procedures.

According to Margo Klaos, the director-general of the Estonian Rescue Board, physical booklets containing the information are delivered to every Estonian household. This ensures that the information remains accessible to everyone, regardless of electricity or internet availability.

“In recent years, we’ve made significant improvements to how we communicate during a crisis,” Klaos said. “However, it’s important to continually refresh people’s crisis management knowledge and skills. These guidelines will help us deal with any crisis. If we are prepared for the worst, we are prepared for anything.”

As well as instructions on how to respond to a crisis, the booklet includes a reminder of essential home supplies, the recommended contents of an evacuation kit, and important phone numbers and websites.

A campaign to raise awareness

It updates the essential information contained in the “Be Ready!” guide distributed to Estonian households in 2022 and is available in four languages – Estonian, Russian, English and Ukrainian. While the printed version is trilingual, a digital version is also available in Ukrainian.

The Estonian Rescue Board encourages people to keep the hazard information guide in an easily accessible place. The digital version can be found at and other national websites.

The state uses a variety of channels to quickly warn citizens of threats. These include mobile phone messages (EE-ALARM) and a developing network of sirens. If necessary, door-to-door notifications and sirens on emergency vehicles are also used. The mass media and the internet are also crucial in disseminating information.

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