Estonia’s action plan: close cooperation with allies, active membership at the UNSC

The Estonian government on 23 February approved its foreign policy action plan for 2021-2023, according to which the country will continue close cooperation with partners and allies in the European Union and NATO and will be active in its membership at the UN Security Council.

According to the Estonian foreign ministry, the action plan’s aims include a proactive and a secure Estonia.

“Meeting this objective includes continued close cooperation with partners and allies in the European Union and NATO, and active membership in the UN Security Council. Support for Eastern Partnership countries also features prominently in the plan. The action plan aims to strengthen the foreign service and further advance Estonia’s economic interests abroad,” the foreign ministry said.

The country’s foreign minister, Eva-Maria Liimets, said the foreign policy section of the action plan was focused on active and considered policies implemented by Estonian diplomats at home and at our foreign missions around the world.

Estonia’s foreign minister, Eva-Maria Liimets, at the country’s parliament, Riigikogu. Photo by Erik Peinar.

Good cooperation and a relationship of trust

“The actions of the foreign ministry are aimed at ensuring the security and safety of the people of Estonia. This relies on the excellent work and skills of our diplomats, our defence resolve and reputation, and strong relations with our allies,” Liimets noted in a statement.

“Naturally, it is crucial for us to act as a credible partner on the international stage and make our contribution to the security of our allies and, therefore, the world.”

“Estonia’s foreign policy is in good hands – our diplomats are contributing actively and constructively to the policies of the European Union. Our strengths include good cooperation and a relationship of trust with our allies in international organisations, regional cooperation and bilateral relations,” she added.

The government’s action plan lays out the general objectives of the Estonian government for the next two years and states specific actions to meet these objectives, complete with institutions responsible and deadlines. The strategic aim of the actions within the responsibilities of the foreign ministry “is to strengthen our security by increasing Estonia’s presence and influence in the world”, the ministry said.

Cover: Estonia is a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council from 2020-2021. Photo by the Estonian foreign ministry.

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