Estonia’s PM: everyone must be prepared for a possible war in Ukraine

The Estonian prime minister, Kaja Kallas, said that everyone in Estonia should think about what to do in case of a possible war in Ukraine – which may have an impact on all the people residing in Estonia.

The members of the Estonian government were on 14 February given an overview of the latest developments regarding the crisis in Ukraine during a cabinet meeting on security.  

“The Russian Federation has amassed an unprecedented concentration of forces in Belarus and near the borders of Ukraine, which indicates a very high probability of military escalation,” the Estonian government said in a statement.  

“The situation does not pose a direct military threat to Estonia, but one must take into account the side effects of war concerning cyber and domestic security, energetics and economy and possible war refugees.”

The Estonian prime minister Kaja Kallas. Photo by Stenbock House.

The embassy will remain operational

“Estonia supports Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and continues to provide assistance even if Russia’s aggression in Ukraine turns into a war. We are constantly consulting with our allies in supporting Ukraine,” Kallas said.  

“Estonia has increased its readiness to mitigate the side effects of war in accordance with our action plan. In addition to the state, every person, company and institution must think what to do if the crisis in Ukraine escalates into a military attack, which may have an impact on us all.”

The Estonian embassy in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, will remain in operation, at least for the time being. The government said all Estonians in Ukraine should review their travel plans and find ways to leave the country – in case the situation becomes more complicated.

Independence Square in Kyiv at night. Photo by Maksym Diachenko on Unsplash.

Russia has reportedly mobilised over 100,000 troops on Ukraine’s border and the Russian president Vladimir Putin has tasked his diplomats with securing US and NATO agreement to his demands for a new security order in the Eastern and Central Europe.

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  1. Folks, let’s think everything would be fine and the situation would calm down soon. Regretfully we all have already lost a herd immunity to war which our parents got after WWII….

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