Infographic: Defending Estonia – the Estonian Defence Forces

During a March 2013 visit to NATO Headquarters by Estonia’s President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen remarked that “Estonia is an exemplary ally. Your troops are serving shoulder to shoulder with their NATO colleagues in one of the toughest parts of Afghanistan. They perform their duties with great courage and great skill.” The Estonian Defence Forces’ technical capabilities are outlined in’s exclusive infographic.


4 thoughts on “Infographic: Defending Estonia – the Estonian Defence Forces”

  1. Wow – excellent infographic! thank you to chris glew! sharing to my friend in the estonian defense force!

  2. Karen Strickholm

    That was totally interesting, plus I had never before thought through ‘why we have what we have’ in terms of military assets. Great infographic and strong copy writing!

  3. My son worked alongside Estonian soldiers in Afghanistan when he was serving with the Grenadier Guards, and was impressed by their professionalism.
    Alan Noorkoiv

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