NATO opens an air base in Estonia (video)

In response to the Ukraine crisis, NATO has opened its second Baltic air base in Estonia; the base forms a part of NATO’s increased regional air policing mission.

On 30 April, four Danish fighter jets arrived at the Ämari air base. The Royal Danish Air Force F-16 jets will patrol the skies of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for four months in coordination with NATO fighter jets already stationed in Lithuania. After that, Germany will take over the rotating mission.


On 2 May, around 100 British troops were also flown into Estonia for military exercises as Britain and its NATO allies try to reassure the Baltic states they will be protected against a potential Russian aggression. The US had previously dispatched 150 troops to the country.


Photos: Royal Danish Air Force F-16s stationed in Estonia/courtesy of Kristjan Saar, Siim Teder for Estonian Defence Forces.

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