Podcast: Georgians protest the “Russian law”

In the latest episode of the Tallinn University Podcast, host Terry McDonald is joined by the university’s graduate and protest organiser Anano Iashvili, who tells about the recent protests that have been taking place in Georgia, but also in Estonia outside of the Georgian embassy in Tallinn.

Large-scale protests have been taking place in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, after the government introduced a law proposal that would see non-governmental groups and media who have received more than 20% of its funding from abroad as “foreign agents”. Earlier, a similar law had been introduced in Russia, which has made the Georgians to call it the “Russian law”.

The government has responded aggressively to the protests, using tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets to stop the protests. Many people have also been arrested. The law has been withdrawn for now, but Iashvili believes the government will only wait until the peak of the protests is behind and will implement it in the future.

What is the political situation in Georgia and this law in more detail? What kind of feelings does a Georgian, living in Tallinn, have about the situation in which she might soon as well be recognised as a foreign agent by the government of her homeland? These are the topics that are discussed in the new episode of the Tallinn University Podcast.

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