Podcast: Rebuilding Ukraine

In the latest episode of the Tallinn University Podcast, the host, Terry McDonald, is joined by Patrick J. Wilson, a senior advisor on Ukraine Recovery and Reconstruction for USAID, one of the largest official aid agencies in the world, to discuss the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The reconstruction of Ukraine is going to be one of the biggest international development projects in history. Many partners – governments, NGOs and the private sector – will have a role to play. 

As in the war itself, the US government will have a leading role in these efforts. As the development arm of the US government, USAID will likely be at the helm.

In the conversation, Terry McDonald and Patrick J. Wilson first discuss the lessons learned since the Marshall Plan and through 70 years of success and failure in global development projects. Then, the topic moves to the reconstruction of Ukraine – the hopes, the challenges, who should bear the cost and how they will pay it, and what a potential US administration change might mean for the effort.

The Tallinn University Podcast seeks to shed light on the research and activism taking place in Estonia. This season, the podcast is presented in conjunction with Estonian World.

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